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Why the Dominican Adult Clubs Were Number One

When a lot of guys come here for a vacation, they hit the streets for a Dominican girl. Women sex their clients for money, but there are many places where you can find it. In the past, one of the best places to find sex was in the clubs. And of these clubs, the best in my opinion was Passions. The girls that worked at Passions were honest. Nothing ever came up missing when I brought them home to my place. Additionally, when you walked into Passions, everyone knew why you were there and the girls would come to you and compete with each other to get your attention.

The prices were also reasonable and the girls were gorgeous. It was obvious to me that the management at Passions screened the chicas prior to hiring them. I didn’t care for the loud music or crowds because that is just how I am. But the overall business model that Passions used was excellent.

Now that Passions and other clubs have been closed, the alternative is girls on the street and beach. Unfortunately, some of the girls on the beach have been involved in scams, and I just find dealing with street girls to be a real hassle. If you like jumping through hoops to get laid, then street girls may interest you. The first street girl I brought home did provide me the service I paid for, but I caught her trying to get to my wallet…….I sure miss the clubs and hope that someday they reopen.