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Why You Should Use Our Caribbean Escorts Service
There are many Caribbean escorts in the Dominican Republic, and there are also a number of agencies there as well. One of the biggest questions that people ask when they first
hear about Red Diamond Girls is this: Why should I use this service? What makes Red Diamond Girls different from everyone else? In this article, I will answer both these questions
in detail. First off, there is no comparison between Red Diamond Girls and the other agencies in the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic has become a hot sex tourist destination, and there are as many as 50,000+ girls selling their bodies. Many of these girls are street walkers, meaning they operate
in the street. Though they have prices which are much cheaper than what you would find with our service, these Caribbean escorts are not tested for STDs and some are known to be
quite violent. Tourists have often had their belongings stolen, and if she runs off with your passport, you're in big trouble. I once heard of a Dominican woman that broke a bottle over
a tourist's head when he didn't pay her for a massage.

While it is easy to find "cheap" sex in the Dominican Republic, it is damn hard to find high quality Caribbean escorts. This is what has allowed Red Diamond Girls to stand out from the
crowd. Our girls are some of the most beautiful in the country. They are clean and STD free. We test them regularly to make sure of this. This means those clients who wisely choose
our service choose to enjoy themselves in a "safe" environment. Our girls are not thieves, and this means you don't have to worry about them running off with your belongings. Our
girls also don't do drugs, and we don't accept clients who do them. These are just a few of the reasons our service is a cut above the rest.

Red Diamond Girls - A Superior Service for Superior Clients

Not only is Red Diamond Girls better than other DR escort agencies, we are also the first to accomplish a number of things. We are the first escort agency to offer extended GFE services
to our clients. We are the first escort agency in the Dominican Republic to maintain more than thirty lovely ladies, and there is a reason why these girls choose to work with us as opposed
to the competition. Our Caribbean escorts are some of the most attractive women you've ever laid eyes on. The fact that you're even reading this article on our site says a lot about our

After all, how many DR escort agency sites do you know of that have an articles section where visitors can read info about this industry and educate themselves? Most escort agency
websites in the Dominican Republic have a few brief descriptions of their agencies and girls and then a bunch of photos. Here at Red Diamond Girls, we put articles on our site precisely
because we understand that an educated client makes a great client. When it comes to hiring Caribbean escorts, just remember that you get what you pay for.