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Why You Should Hire "Real" Dominican Republic Women During Your Adult Caribbean Vacation
The Dominican Republic is one of the few countries in the world that offers an amazing tropical vacation experience. Miles and miles of fine white sand coupled with seemingly
endless tropical weather has made the DR an ideal vacation destination. When you combine this with the warm accommodation that Dominican Republic women can provide,
this adds a special "spice" to the trip. If you want to add some flavor to your vacation in this beautiful country, you should consider going for an adult themed trip. This truly
exotic experience will take you to some of the most beautiful places in the country while being pampered by beautiful local women. With their authentic girlfriend experience,
virtually everything you could ask for during your stay in the Caribbean can be fulfilled.
Having an authentic adult Dominican Republic vacation means you should immerse yourself in the local culture. You should eat local food, stay at local hotels, and spend your time
with "local" women. As already indicated, the warmth of the people here towards the tourists has made this country one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.
To experience a truly amazing adult vacation, you should spend time with “real” Dominican Republic women.
I say “real” because there are agencies you can find online and in the country that only offer European girls. For some reason, these agencies feel that they would attract
more clients because they are offering European women, who tend to have lighter skin when compared to the Dominican girls. I don’t have anything against Europeans as
part of the industry but if you’re looking for a memorable vacation, you should go with “real” Dominican Republic women. The agencies in the DR that choose to only hire
European girls appear to be practicing a form of discrimination.
When you hire real Dominican Republic escorts to be part of your adult vacation, you’ll definitely experience the best that the country has to offer in terms of accommodation.
Unfortunately, many escort agencies don’t realize this, and only choose to offer European girls for their adult entertainment services. The very idea that fairer skinned women could
be better entertainers when compared to Dominican girls is ridiculous. Here at RDG, we take pride in our women, and we are the first Dominican agency to promote and celebrate
the beauty of not just Dominican girls, but all women of color around the world.
Why Are There So Many European Escorts in the DR?
Good question. The simple answer to this is that most of the escort agencies in the DR who feature European women purchased them as slaves from conventions in Europe. Most of these
girls come from poor Eastern European countries, and the agencies will pay their families between $7,000 to $12,000 a year to keep them with the agency. When you consider the fact that
many of these agencies charge $5,000+ for a week vacation, it is easy to see how this is profitable, as they make their money back in short order.
While most of these agencies will never admit it, they are involved in the International sex slave trade. Documentaries have been made which talk about the "white slavery" that goes
on in Eastern Europe, and these agencies have a hand in it. This is something you should remember if you decide to use one of these agencies during your trips to the DR. What makes the
situation worse is that these girls are paid only peanuts when compared to the money the agency owners rake in. Here at RDG, we don't have to resort to buying sex slaves from Europe
in order to promote our service. We feature local girls, and under no circumstances were any of them forced to join our agency. Unlike the European girls, they "want" to be in this business,
and this means that there is a big difference between the services they will offer you, and the services the European girls will offer.
There are only a few quality agencies in the DR that feature "real" Dominican girls, and we're one of them. This agency is dedicated to two things: making sure
you're comfortable during your vacation and providing you with authentic Dominican girls. Real Dominican ladies are employed here and they’ll be more than willing to provide
their clients with the best vacation experience they’ll ever have. By using our service, you’ll experience first hand why Dominican women are some of the hottest in the world.