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Why I love Sex Clubs Dominican Republic

Anyone who has been paying attention to the adult entertainment scene in the DR knows that last year the government decided to shut down all the clubs, brothels and massage parlors
in order to "clean up" the DR's image. Will it work? No, it won't. There are a number of reasons why. First, closing down the clubs and massage parlors has done nothing to stem
the many street walkers that continue to ply their trade. At least the girls working in the clubs, massage parlors and brothels were off the street and away from the eyes
of tourists; with these establishments now closed, the only thing that remains are street walkers who are plainly visible to tourists.

How this will improve the DR's image is beyond me. The smarter move would have been to get the street walkers off the street while leaving the clubs open. That way the
girls wouldn't have been directly visible to the tourists. I've interacted with chicas both in the clubs and on the street, and let me tell you, the clubs were
better, way better. Why? Because the clubs had a simple, easy to understand business model with fixed prices. Street girls are disorganized at best; underhanded
at worst. You never know what you will get from them. With street chicas you will have a few hits and a lot of misses.

The clubs screened their girls and expected them to follow rules; girls working the street have no rules. Furthermore, street girls expect you to chase them like you
would a normal non-working girl(the purpose of prostitution is to get sex without having to chase). Whereas most Dominican street girls expect you to approach them, girls
in the club will approach you. When Passions was opened, I would go in, sit down at the bar and order a drink, and before I could get the seat warm I would
usually have one or two girls talking to me. Street girls by comparison largely ignore you, either because they're not sure you're looking for action or because
they expect you to come to them. When a man walked into Passions or CMP everyone present knew why he was there.