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Where to Find the Best Adult Only Resorts Caribbean
There are many adult only resorts Caribbean to choose from in the Dominican Republic. Most of them offer stunning views, amazing amenities and very competitive rates.
If you book in advance, you might even avail of discounts which could further provide you savings.
But even if there are a good number of resorts in this country, only a few of them are geared towards adult-only entertainment. Along with great amenities, the mood
in these resorts is not like what you see in the regular resorts. The exotic feel together with some of the most beautiful women in the country can be found here.
  • Resort Option 1

Located in Juan Dolio, this is one of the most spectacular adult only resorts Caribbean. The location combined with its beach front and
inland amenities such as a swimming pool and architecture has made this resort a favorite for most of its visitors. The resort has 400 rooms so availability is always a
possibility in this hotel. It’s also close to the airport – only 20 minutes from the nearest international airport. Airport to hotel transfers are available.
  • Resort Option 2

This resort is located near the beautiful city of Puerto Plata. This is one of the adult only resorts Caribbean that could become your first choice because of
its remarkable nightlife in Puerto Plata as well as activities on the beach. Aside from the pool and the beautiful view of the beach, the place is also the perfect resort for diving.
If part of your itinerary in the Caribbean is to enjoy the life underwater, then this place is for you.
  • Resort Option 3

Punta Cana is one of the must visited cities in the Dominican Republic. For that reason, resort option 3 has become one of the most popular adult resorts. The Caribbean
beach front offers the option for diving, which is the main feature of the resort. But aside from the beautiful beach where the resort is located, it is worth noting that the architecture
could easily rival the best structures in the city.
  • Resort Option 4

Almost everything you need, you can find or ask for it here. As an all inclusive resort, they make sure that the many preferences of their guests are taken care of.
As an adult only resort, you can definitely gain an advantage from that feature. The coconut trees that surround the resort with the beautiful view of the Caribbean makes
spending in this resort worth it.
  • Resort Option 5

This resort in Boca Chica is truly a traveler’s paradise. The resort offers the best of both worlds – far enough to have privacy but near enough to enjoy the nightlife of the city.
The resort is only 25 minutes from the country’s capital where you can experience the unique and vibrant nightlife that can only be experienced in the DR.These are the popular
choices for adult only resorts. Caribbean atmosphere coupled with beautiful companions are guaranteed in these resorts.