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What Happens in the DR Stays in the DR

There are a number of men from Europe and North America that come to the Caribbean for dominican sex tourism. However, a lot of these guys run
into problems when they allow what happens in the DR to leave the DR. What do I mean by this? What I mean is that after their vacation is over and
done, they continue to correspond with and send money to the women they met back on the island. They allow their emotions to cloud their judgement,
and as a result, they end up being used by these women.

Many of the men who visit the island for a dominican republic sex tour forget that these women are hookers. They are pay for play. At the end of
the day, once you're gone, you will be replaced by another. For most of these girls, it is a business. Since many of the men who come to the DR from Europe and North
America have no experience hiring hookers in their own countries, they get too emotionally attached to the women they meet during their stay. These women then
get them to continue sending money once they return home, while they meet other  foreign men and of course have sex with local Dominican men.

Let me put this another way. If she isn't putting out, then you shouldn't be putting out. Since its impossible for her to put out if she is in the
DR and you're in North America or Europe, then she shouldn't be paid until you return to the island to get laid.