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Tours in Puerto Plata
There are a number of tours that foreigners can enjoy during their stay in Puerto Plata. These tours are designed to make
your vacation a fun and memorable one. Many of these tours are located in close proximity to Puerto Plata Dominican
Republic escorts vacation resorts. During your stay in this city, you will find great bars, dance shows, restaurants,
and theatres, but it is important to make sure you choose the best Puerto Plata escorts resort so that you can
truly enjoy your trip.

Swimming With Dolphins

One tour that you can enjoy in Puerto Plata is the opportunity to swim with Dolphins. During this tour, you will enjoy an
activity that is not only fun, but educational as well. The tour will begin with an orientation, which will cover the history
of dolphins and the techniques that are used to train them. Once you put on a life jacket, you will be ready to hug
dolphins and swim with them, enjoying their aquatic environment. Please note that you will not be able to enjoy
this particular tour if you don't know how to swim. Another tour that you will enjoy during your stay in Puerto
Plata is a ride in the Teleferico.

Teleferico Ride

This is a tour which will allow you to ride up to the summit of Mount Isabel, which is over 2,500 feet above sea level.
The Teleferico is a cable car which will offer you spectacular views of the ocean and a panoramic site of Puerto Plata
province. While a ride on the Teleferico sounds simple enough, it is one of the funnest, most enjoyable, and relaxing
activities in this area. Once you reach the top of Mount Isabel, you will find a botanical garden, along with a statue of
Jesus which is a replica of the famous statue of Rio de Janeiro. You will also find a restaurant and numerous souvenir

Puerto Plata Beaches

When it comes to beaches, Puerto Plata offers a lot to the traveler. In fact, it is the beaches which are the single biggest
attraction in this area. The tourist area has a long coastline of beaches with golden sand which is about eleven kilometers.
The beaches of Puerto Plata stretch from Cofresi to Sosua, and have been developed with the tourist in mind. The primary
beach of Puerto Plata is Long Beach, which can be found to the east, and it is located in the urban area of the region.
Costambar and Confresi are beaches which can be found in west Puerto Plata, and a number of luxury resorts
can be found here.