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The Dangers of Driving as a Tourist in the DR

Many of the foreigners who visit the DR for either sex tourism dominican republic or a normal vacation are unaware of the dangers of driving in this country. When
it comes to road accidents and fatalities, the Dominican Republic is second only to Brazil. It is one of the leading countries in the world for vehicular crashes.

However, even if you survive the car accident as a foreigner, that will be the beginning of your trouble. You have to remember that the DR has a very
different legal system from the USA, Canada or Europe. A foreigner who gets into a car accident is immediately at fault, regardless of whether this is the
case or not. And should you survive the accident while your Dominican counterpart does not, you will find yourself in even bigger trouble. A
British woman was recently in the news for accidentally running over her Dominican boyfriend; she is in prison and may never get out.

Some foreigners drive fancy cars in the DR to impress the ladies, but it isn't worth it. This isn't the U.S. or Canada; just leave the Lexus at
home. Driving fancy cars here will make you a target of thieves and if you get into an accident you may find yourself in a Dominican
jail(or prison), desperately trying to fight your way out.