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The Benefits of Learning Spanish for Your Dominican Adult Vacation
In the Dominican Republic, the official national language is Spanish, and while many locals do know English, Spanish is the language of choice for locals in this Caribbean nation.
Because many of our clients come from English speaking countries, all of our girls know basic English at the minimum,while others know advanced English. While none of our clients
have had problems communicating with our ladies, there are a number of reasons why picking up at least a few Spanish phrases can do wonders for your Dominican adult vacation.
When many people travel to the DR, or other countries where English is not the official language, these visitors feel that the locals there should cater to them, and understand their
language. However, it is important to remember that the DR is a country that has a deep Spanish heritage, and though the language originated in Spain, it has now evolved to the point
where the Dominicans use a dialect which is distinct from not only Spain, but from other nations in the Caribbean and Latin America as well.
By taking the time to learn a few Spanish phrases, your lady of choice will greatly appreciate it. Those patrons of ours who know how to speak a little Spanish have said that they built a
strong chemistry with our ladies that dramatically exceeded their expectations. Even if you know only a little bit of Spanish, speaking it with our ladies when you're with them conveys several
messages. First, it shows that you're a cosmopolitan man, an educated individual who makes the effort to understand other people and cultures. Because many of the men who travel to
the DR for a Dominican adult vacation do not speak Spanish, by knowing a little Spanish, you will set yourself apart from them. As men, there is nothing we like more than impressing the
ladies, and what better way to impress a woman than by showing her you know how to speak her language?
While many of our patrons are already native speakers of Spanish, there is a big difference between being a native speaker, and being someone who is not a native speaker. When
Spanish is not your first language, and you learn it through hard work and persistent study, you will be rewarded by being opened up to a whole new culture and way of life. Spanish is
more than just a language, in Latin America it forms the fabric of the culture, and those who do not speak Spanish will not be able to truly tap into this culture. If you want to truly
experience all that the Dominican Republic has to offer, than you will want to take the time to learn Spanish. Even something as simple as bringing along a Spanish dictionary can do
wonders towards enhancing your trip. Our ladies make great effort to learn English so they can communicate with you. Why not surprise them by learning Spanish so you can communicate
with them? Not only will learning Spanish enhance your trip, but it can also help you at home as well.
While Spanish is not mandatory for those patrons who wish to use our services, those clients who have taken the time to pick up Spanish prior to becoming patrons of Red Diamond Girls
have found that their experience was nothing short of extraordinary. If you're not Dominican, or even Latin for that matter, you won't be expected to know Spanish. By being able to speak
it, the people you meet in the DR will respect you, and our ladies will love you. Spanish will give you the ability to see a world that will otherwise be closed to you if you don't know how to
speak it. Picking up at least the basics of the language is well worth the effort. All the girls of RDG also carry a business cell phone at all times, and we will be happy to provide translation
services during your stay.
52 Basic Spanish Words You Can Print Out and Use During Your Trip
1. Beach - La Playa                                                                    
2. Hot - Caliente                                                           
3. Breakfast - Desayuno                                                
4. Lunch - Almorzando                                                   
5. Dinner - Cena                                                            
6. Bed - Cama                                                                
7. Good - Bueno                                                             
8. Bad - Mala                                                                  
9. Bathroom - un Bano                                                   
10. Bedroom - Dormitorio                                               
11. Yes - Si                                                                     
12. No - No                                                                     
13. Lets go - Permite ir                                                   
14. I don't like - Yo no le gusta                                       
15. I like - Me gusta                                                        
16. You are beautiful - Usted es bonita                          
17. My name is - Me llamo es                                          
18. Pleased to meet you - Encantado de conocerte       
19. Hello - Hola                                                               
20. Good Morning - Buenos dias                                     
21. Wait - Esperar                                                          
22. Ready - Listo                                                            
23. Now - Ahora                                                             
24. Later - Tarde                                                            
25. Sleep - Dormir                                                          
26. Awake - Despiertese
27. Food - Comida
28. Sexo - Sex
29. Restaurant - Restaurante
30. Straight - Siga derecho
31. Right - Derecho
32. Left - Izquierda
33. Naked - Desnudo 
34. Fun - Diversion
35. Happy Feliz
36. Sad - Triste
37. Annoyed - Molesto
38. Bored - Aburrido 
39. Zero - Cero 
40. One - Uno
41. Two - Dos
42. Three - Tres
43. Four - Cuatro
44. Five - Cinco
45. Six - Seis
46. Seven - Siete
47. Eight - Ocho
48. Nine - Nueve
49. Ten - Diez
50. Minutes - Minutos 
51. Hours - Horas
52. Days - Dias