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Taking an Excursion in Guananico
Guananico is a very small town that can be found in Puerto Plata Province. It is the newest and smallest town within
the province, and is a great destination for tourists looking for escorts Puerto Plata DR who wish to avoid the large
crowds of the major cities. The name "Guananico" is said to have been taken from an Amerindian chief that once
ruled the area during the 15th century. This town has numerous escorts in Dominican Puerto Plata and makes a
great vacation spot for those who are looking for something different.

History and Economy of Guananico

The historical records indicate that this town was founded sometime between 1864 and 1870. The primary driving
force behind the economy here is agriculture. Coffee, beans, corn, watermelons, and kidney beans are all produced
here. Additionally, Guananico is known for its many fruit trees, which contain fruits such as mango, avocados, and
oranges. There are well over 3,000 hectares here which are ideal for cultivating cocoa and coffee, as well as
bananas. As far as livestock, it is estimated that there are more than 14,000 pigs and cattle. Many of the
people who live here sell oranges. To a lesser extend, money is also made through tourism and
transportation services.

Because of its small size, Guananico is an excellent location for tourists who are looking to get off the beaten
track. However, it is important to bear in mind that this town doesn't have the nightlife of Sosua or the fine
beaches of Puerto Plata. However, because of these disadvantages, it may still be popular due to the fact
few tourists visit the area in comparison to San Felipe de Puerto Plata or Sosua. As with the other
provinces of Puerto Plata, Guananico can be found in the northern part of the country.

The women of Guananico, as with all the women of Puerto Plata province, are quite beautiful. They tend
to follow a great diet that is comprised of fresh fruits and livestock eaten locally and they care for their
bodies due to lots of walking and exercise. The tourists who have visited Guananico have been
impressed with its small size, simple lifestyle, and breathtaking chicas.