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Stadiums of The Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is a growing nation with a sizable middle class. There is great demand for sporting and musical events which
can be held in stadiums or arenas which hold thousands of people. As a result, numerous stadiums(Estadios in Spanish) have been
constructed in different parts of the island. When taking erotic vactions in Dominican Republic, you will find that many of these
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Estadio Panamericano

Estadio Panamericano is an arena which can be found in San Cristobal. It houses a grand total of 2,800 people and it is usually
reserved for football matches. It is the main stadium of San Cristobal, and there is a football club here which has been known to
compete within the Dominican Republic First Division. On some occassions, the Estadio Panamericano hosts matches for national
Dominican football teams. As a result, the surface is made of grass.

Gran Arena del Cibao

The Gran Arena del Cibao, also known as "El Palacio de los Deportes del Cibao," is a large stadium that is located in the city of
Santiago. This stadium is more than twice the size of that in San Cristobal, and seats almost 9,000 people. It is a multi-purpose
arena, meaning that it can be used to host a variety of different venues, from musical concerts to sports events. Built in 1978,
it has 1100 luxury seats, 668 comfortable chairs, and about 7,000 standard seats.  This arena comes equipped with a nice
acoustic system that has over a dozen speakers and monitors. This arena has also been remodeled for the Dominican
Basketball Team.

Palacio de los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto

This stadium is one of the largest in the Dominican Republic, and can be found in the capital of Santo Domingo. It can hold almost
10,000 people, and like the stadium in Santiago, it is a multi-purpose arena. It was constructed in 1974 for the Central American
and Caribbean Games. It primarily hosts local events as well as concerts. During the 2003 Pan American Games, the basketball
event was held here. It is nicknamed "La Media Naranja" due to the Orange colored roof it has. It has been used for the Miss
Dominican Republic beauty pageant as well as the 2010 World Youth Women's Handball Championship.