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Shopping in The Dominican Republic
In the past, residents of the Dominican Republic who wanted high quality shopping would need to take an hour flight to nearby
Miami in order to find it. Today, with the growing Dominican middle class, increased demand has led to the creation of high quality
shopping centers all over the island, especially in major cities such as Santo Domingo and Santiago. Those who take adult vacations
to Dominican Republic can be rest assured that they will find world class shopping. Your Dominican lady will also be quite excited
if you choose to take her for a bit of shopping during your erotic adult vacations Dominican Republic.

Shopping for Clothes in the DR

When it comes to buying clothes in the Dominican Republic, the options range from dirt cheap to extremely expensive. There are
many street vendors in the DR who will sell you shirts, shoes, pants, and belts for just a few pesos. There are also the clothing
boutiques in the tourists areas who will sell you designer clothes for prices which will rival anything you would find in New York
or Miami. The choice of where to shop is largely up to you. If you are looking for clothing with a bit of local flavor, you will
probably want to buy from either street vendors or small local run shops that specialize in Dominican clothes. These
clothes can make excellent souvenirs to take home to your friends or family.

Shopping for Food and Miscellaneous Items

When it comes to food, you can find just about anything in the DR. Because the Dominican Republic is a rich multi-cultural society,
food ranges from local Dominican restaurants to Chinese food and Italian. If you're visiting the DR for the first time, we highly
recommend trying out the local dishes. Much of the fruit that can be found here will be familiar to North Americans and
Europeans, but there are also many fruits and vegetables which will be completely new. When it comes to food,
we don't recommend buying it from street vendors.

While you can get away with buying souvenirs and clothing from street vendors, buying food or water is highly risky due to the
cleanliness involving its preparation. When traveling in the DR or any foreign country, always buy your food and water from high
quality facilities which emphasize cleanliness. Restaurants in the DR range from the cheap to European level expensive.