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Shopping in Puerto Plata
No vacation is complete without a bit of shopping; and this is especially true for the DR. In addition to local entertainment, tourists
visiting the area for Doninican escorts Puerto Plata can also visit the local malls and shops, some of which cater to foreigners. If
you are interested in purchasing sourvenirs which you can take home to your friends or family, there are a plethora of places
which will suit your desires. Escorts in Puerto Plata DR will be able to show you the best shops and stores with the best prices,
merchandise, and services.

Playa Dorada Plaza

One of the best places in Puerto Plata for shoppers is the Playa Dorada Plaza. It can be found wiithin the gates near the resort
area. It is one of the largest shopping centers in the region and many locals bring their handmade crafts in order to sell them.
In most cases, cash will be the preferred medium of exchange, and you will want to be sure to bring some money in Dominican
pesos. At the same time, the major jewelry stores and shops can accept payment via credit or debt card as well. Generally,
Dominicans like to bargain, but the larger establishments will have prices which are fixed.

The Amber Museum of Puerto Plata features a gift shop where tourists can purchase amber jewelry. This particular museum of
Puerto Plata is one of the handful of places in the world where large amounts of amber can be seen. Amber is a type of resin
which has been fossilized via trees that lived millions of years ago. You can often find bugs, flowers, and leaves preserved in
this resin which have been preserved since prehistoric times. Some excellent displays of such amber can be seen in the museum.
Generally, souvenirs can be purchased all over Puerto Plata. From the beaches to Playa Dorada, you can find locals who are
selling a wide variety of souvenirs.

If you're looking for something more exciting, try visiting a place called Harrison's Jewelers. Here you can find a wide array of
jewelry which is quite beautiful and exotic. When it comes to food, Puerto Plata offers a lot to the traveler. Some of the best
restaurants can be found here. Whether you like Seafood, Italian, Mexican, or local Dominican dishes, Puerto Plata is the
place to find it.