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Sex First Payment Last

If you're like me, and you have experience hiring escorts in the USA, Canada, or Europe, you will know that many of the girls in these countries expect you to pay them "before" they
will give you sex. However, when vacationing in the Caribbean as a dominican sex tourist, this does not work, and should be avoided at all costs. The DR has an environment which
is different from the USA or Canada. In this country, when it comes to getting services such as your hair cut, your teeth cleaned, or your dick sucked, you always pay after
the service is rendered.

Why? Because paying for the service after it has been rendered insures that the service is to your liking. It gives the service provider an incentive to do a good job. Dominican
girls have a different mentality from American or Canadian girls. When you pay a Dominicana up front for sex, in her mind she has no incentive to do a good job, or to even do anything
at all. By paying her after sex, you give her something to work towards. It forces her to  put out, or she gets nothing.

When interacting with Dominican girls, always make it clear up front that you will only pay them after the sex is done. While paying women first may work in the USA, Canada
or Europe, it is a disaster when done in the DR. The only exception to this are Dominican adult clubs and internet sex vacation sites. Adult clubs like Passions
or CMP required(unfortunately neither are open as of this writing) you to pay the club before you could leave with the chica. Adult vacation sites will require
a 50 percent deposit before you can book their ladies. In both cases it is ok to pay first since your dealing with the club or agency and not the girls directly. However,
when dealing with Dominican girls directly pn the street, it is always Sex first, payment last.