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Sex Club in the Dominican Republic
The sex clubs were once one of the most popular places for getting laid while in the DR. Unfortunately; this has changed due to government crackdowns on the adult business. Expats
who have lived here for a while say that the government has done crack downs in the past, but will eventually allow such clubs to reopen. This remains to be seen though I hope these
expats are right.
The reason for this is because the Dominican sex clubs were awesome. Put another way, they were the most efficient way of getting laid while on vacation. These clubs are best described
as being a hybrid between a strip club, a brothel and a bar. There were stripper poles where the chicas could dance around and strut their stuff, and there were rooms in the back with a
bed and shower facility where you could take the chicas of your choice and get laid onsite. Or, if you prefer having sex at home, you would pay the club a fee(which depended on how
long you wanted the chica), and then take her back to your place. Drivers would be available outside the club to transport you and the girl (for a fee, or course).
These sex clubs screened their ladies and also required testing for STDs. The girls were very attractive and ranged from 7 to 10 in terms of looks. The thing I enjoyed the most about these establishments is that you didn’t have to chase the girls once you entered the club. You sat down at the bar, ordered a drink, and at least one girl would approach you before the drink arrived, sometimes two. There were always girls who were stuck up and would never approach, opting to dance on the stripper poles instead. However, the Dominican sex clubs create an atmosphere
where a bunch of young women are packed into a single building and they’re expected to compete with each other to get clients. And most of them do.  Those that don’t probably don’t remain employed very long, and this is how I think it should be.