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Renting a Condo During Your Dominican Erotic Vacation
When tourists travel to the Caribbean for adult vacations in Dominican Republic with escorts, many of them choose to rent condos for the
duration of their stay. They will typically rent these condos because they will have a higher level of privacy than they would receive in the
all inclusive adult resorts in Dominican Republic vacations. A condo is a type of lodging in which a portion of the real estate
(generally an apartment) will be owned by an individual or group. The owner(or renter) of the condo will be given access to
facilities which are also available to other residents, such as the elevators, hallways, stairs, and other exterior areas.

While a vacation condo will typically give the renter more privacy and space than they would have in a resort, the condo will
not give them as much privacy/space as they would receive in a Penthouse or Villa. Therefore, in many instances, renting a condo
in the DR will often be more expensive than a resort but less expensive than a Villa or Penthouse. There is little difference between
a condo and an apartment, and in truth, the two terms are practically interchangeable. Unlike the Penthouse, which occupies
the top floor of the building, a condo will usually be lower.

Condos vary widely in terms of luxury. The best condos in the Dominican Republic are those which have a view of the ocean or skyline.
These condos will generally be more expensive than those which do not have these views. The cost of a condo will also be dependent
on its size and the amenities that it features. The good thing about a condo is that it is a type of lodging which can suit the budget
of just about anyone. They range from those which have spectacular views of the ocean to the small studio condos, which are
designed for the more budget conscious.

When taking a vacation to the DR, no matter what your lodging requirements for a condo, you will be sure to find it. Condos are highly
secure and will generally be located in gated communities. They will also generally be located in neighborhoods which have been
planned. We recommend getting a condo that is close to tourist areas and other places you would like to visit, as you can get
to these places without needing transportation.