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Puerto Plata Province
Puerto Plata, which means "Silver Port" in English, is a province that can be found in the northern part of the Dominican
Republic. During the 1990s, it became a popular destination among tourists due to its pristine beaches and female
escorts in Puerto Plata. This province sits in close proximity to the Septentrional mountain range. This province
was established in 1865, and it has become quite popular among single male travelers who seek escorts
Puerto Plata Dominican Republic.

Puerto Plata Municipalities

Puerto Plata is split into a number of different municipalities. There is San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Altamira,
Guananico, Luperon, Imbert, Los Hidalgos, Sosua, Villa Isabela, and Villa Montellano. Puerto Plata is also home
to the Gregorio Luperon International Airport. San Felipe de Puerto Plata is the capital and largest city in the
region. Some of the most famous resorts here include the Costa Dorada and the Playa Dorada, which can be
found in the eastern part of the city. As of this writing, Puerto Plata province is the only place in the Caribbean
which has an aerial tramway.

During your stay here, you can use the aerial tramway to ascend up to Pico Isabel de Torres. This is a mountain
in the area which is about 793 meters. At the top of the mountain is a lovely botanical garden, which you can visit
with your gorgeous Dominican lady. In addition to the garden, there is also a statue which is a replica of Christ the
Redeemer, the famous statue of Rio de Janeiro. Within the city of San Felipe de Puerto Plata, there are a number
of attractions which can be found. There is an amber museum, Fortaleza San Felipe, and La Isabela, a settlement
which was built by Christopher Columbus.

San Felipe de Puerto Plata Geography

San Felipe de Puerto Plata was constructed on land which rises above sea level, meaning it can be seen from the port.
The Atlantic ocean sits to the north while Isabel de Torres sits to the south. The city was also built around a small bay
which serves a small harbor. There are a number of rivers that can be found in this area, and some of them include
Camu del Norte, San Marcos, Munoz, and Corozo. The economy of Puerto Plata is driven primarily by agriculture
and tourism. Because of its port and harbor, it frequently receives cruise ships.