Red Diamond Girls Pricing
The prices for Dominican adult vacations vary. You can find independent girls, agencies, clubs and massage parlors all over the island. The USD, Euro and CAD have a favorable exchange rate
with the Dominican peso so you can often get a better deal by converting into pesos. Personally, I like the clubs best because the girls will often come to you. If you don't like chasing
around girls like a puppy, then you can just walk into the club, sit down, order a drink and wait. Usually girls will approach you and you can accept or dismiss them as you see fit. Unlike the
street walkers, girls in the clubs must compete fiercely with each other and are under pressure by the owners to turn tricks. Girls on the street will generally sit or stand around waiting for
you to approach them. Sometimes they will approach you.
I personally prefer Dominican girls that speak mostly Spanish. There are two reasons for this. One, I've been studying Spanish for six years and speaking with girls that speak English doesn't
improve my Spanish. Second, many English speaking Dominican girls are shady and will try to manipulate or scam unwary tourists. Knowing Spanish in the DR isn't a necessity but it makes
things a lot easier and fun.
There is little point in mentioning specific prices because prices change like the weather. The amount a gringo will pay will be dependent on exchange rates, inflation, and his ability to
negotiate(or not). Whereas many American escorts dislike haggling, haggling is an accepted part of Dominican culture and everything here is negotiable. If you think a chica's prices
are too high, don't be afraid to say so. What I will say is that the prices for Dominican girls are much much cheaper than American escorts BUT, the quality of the service may also
be cheap as well. Always remember that you get what you pay for, even in the Dom Rep.