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Paying for sex in the Dominican Republic

All men pay for sex, whether directly or indirectly. Personally, I prefer to pay in  cash. There is something to be said for buying sex in the Dom Rep. First,
in all the dominican sex videos you will find online, the guys paid the girls for their services. While paying a Dominicana for sex may seem straight forward, sometimes
it isn't. The DR is a country where things that should be simple sometimes aren't, and things which seem complicated are rather simple.

Before paying a Dominican chic for anything, you must first establish what you're paying for. A failure to do this can lead to all sorts of trouble and misunderstandings. You
must be clear on exactly what services you expect her to provide. For example, I like to ejaculate in the faces of girls at the end of the session. Prior to hiring a girl,
I make it clear to her in Spanish that this is what I want. If she doesn't want to do it, then I walk away.

A lot of Dominican women will try to limit the number of times you can have sex with them. They may only allow you to do it once or twice, if you hire them for
the night for instance. If you want more, let her know the exact number of times you want sex BEFORE hiring her, and when you get her home, if she gives you hassle,
send her packing. Let her know that she doesn't get propina(tips) unless she gives you sex a specific number of times, and let her know the exact amount
of these tips. Leave nothing to interpretation.