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Miss Dominican Republic
Miss Dominican Republic is a beauty pageant held in the DR where women from 18 to 26 years of age will compete
against each other. Each lady will represent a distinct province or city of the country, and delegates will also be
sent to numerous other pageants which represent the nation, such as Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth,
and Miss International. The Miss Dominican Republic pageant was formed in 1956, and is a great event for
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History of Miss Dominican Republic

A number of changes were made to the pageant in the year 2000. Each contestant must represent either
a city, province, or municipality which is their birthplace or the location where they grew up. The winner of
the Miss Dominican Republic beauty pageant would then advance into other pageants, such as Miss Universe.
In the early years of this beauty pageant, the contest would begin with the contestants wearing dresses.
Afterwards they would wear swimsuits. Beginning in the 1970s, after the swimsuit wear, they would then
dress in provincial outfits.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, whoever emerged victorious in the provincial costume phase would advance
into Miss Universe, Miss International, or Miss World. Beginning in 1995, an emphasis was placed on beautiful
young women who were unable to pay the entry fees. A charity called El Sueno de una Chica Bella(The Dream
of a Beautiful Girl) was founded in order to get these ladies into the pageant. They picked the poorest girls to
enter so that they could have a chance at a better life. The Miss Dominican Republic organization that
represents Miss Universe is Miss Republica Dominicana Universo.

Regional Pageants

Today, Miss Dominican Republic is comprised of six pageants which are held regionally. These pageants include
Miss Republica Dominicana US, Miss Distrito Nacional, Miss La Vega, Miss Puerto Plata, Miss San Cristobal, Miss
Santiago de los Caballeros, and Miss Provincia Santo Domingo. Over the years, many Dominican women have
competed in both regional and international pageants. Miss Dominican Republic Earth is a pageant designed
to bring attention to environmental awareness. Miss Dominican Republic world is an organization that was
founded in 2003, and they've held multiple pageants since that time. Miss Turismo Dominicana is a distinct
pageant that represents the DR in the Miss Tourism World event.