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Mama Juana - Enjoy this Ancient Aphrodisiac With Our Dominican Escorts
When many people take adult vacations to the Dominican Republic, they make use of synthetic sexual enhancement products such as Viagra or Cialis. These products
are marketed by multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies who spend huge sums of money both on development and advertising. However, not only are these sexual
enhancement products overpriced, but like any synthetic medication, they also come with side effects. For instance, just a few of the side effects that you may experience
when taking Viagra or Cialis include head aches, nasal congestion, blurred vision, and hearing loss. While everyone wants to enjoy their vacation with Dominican escorts, it is
hard to enjoy your trip if you are suffering from a cocktail of side effects.
Many people are quick to spend large amounts of money on synthetic products which cause side effects, without taking the time to give mother nature a try. When planning
your next adult vacation to the Dominican Republic, before going out to spend a bunch of money on Viagra or Cialis, you may want to consider an ancient drink created in the
Dominican Republic which is said to be an aphrodisiac, a drink which the locals call "Mama Juana." What is Mama Juana? It is a drink which is said to have a taste which is similar to
port wine. The original Mama Juana drink should have a color which is dark red. The drink is created by giving rum, honey, and red wine the time to soak inside a bottle that
has been filled with herbs along with tree bark. Perhaps one of the most amazing things about Mama Juana is its age: this drink is one of the oldest in the world, having been created
4,000 years ago by the Taino indians.
Not only is this drink said to increase the sexual desire of men, but it can also do the same for women as well. Mama Juana is made with slightly different ingredients depending on
the area of the DR where it is produced, but they all come with some of the following ingredients: Basil, Bohuco, Anamu, Caro, and Maguey leaves. The Dominicans are very secretive
when it comes to the composition of this drink, and they will not reveal the exact ingredients that are used in its creation. In an interesting note, wrestler John Layfield has created a U.S.
based company which also offers a drink based on Mama Juana, but it is unknown whether or not this drink has the same effects as the original. We here at RDG recommend that you drink
the original when visiting the country. The six resorts featured by Red Diamond Girls all offer this drink to our patrons.
As with any drink which is said to be an aphrodisiac, you may be wondering whether or not Mama Juana is the real deal. When you consider the age of the drink, as well as the
ingredients it contains, there is no doubt that it has health benefits. Basil, one of the chief ingredients, is known for offering a bunch of health benefits, including anti-cancer, anti-viral, and
anti-microbial properties. The other ingredients also have health benefits as well. This drink, combined with a healthy and active life style which includes regular exercise, should ensure that
you have little trouble enjoying one of our Dominican escorts during your stay in the country. Why bother with synthetic products, when you can drink something with all natural ingredients?