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Make the Chicas Come to You

There is nothing worse than a guy that comes down to the DR and chases prostitutes. It is one thing to chase normal girls; to chase a hoe shows a lack of both common
sense and self respect. I will never forget that afternoon when I was sitting in a Dominican cafe eating some pasta, and I glanced across the street and
saw a middle aged gringo with a pot belly following a beautiful Dominican girl and her child(a little boy who clearly wasn't the son of the gringo).

It was obvious that the Dominican woman didn't want this guy, and the man followed her around like a puppy. At least puppies are cute; this pot belly
gringo was just plain pathetic. The problem with a lot of men that come here is that they forget these women are hookers, and you don't treat a hooker like
you would a normal woman. Does this mean you should be abusive towards her? No, but it also means you don't grovel to her like an animal.

As a foreigner, you're the one with the money. Since when does a person who has money chase a person who doesn't? Shouldn't it be the other way around? If a
Dominican whore thinks she is too good to come to you, then she isn't worth having. And you should never follow her around, since you are the man with the money
and a set of balls she should be following you. To do otherwise is unmanly and uncivilized. Making a chica come to you shows that you, not her, is
the one in control. Many chicas will try to get you to chase them during your vaction in the DR, but if you're a wise man you won't.