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Las Vegas vs. Dominican Republic Escorts
Las Vegas is considered to be the ultimate place for enjoying an adult-themed vacation. Almost any fantasy can be enjoyed there and the entertainment is among the best in the world.
There is little doubt that a memorable adult vacation can be enjoyed in Las Vegas. But if there’s one thing that could discourage you from going to Las Vegas, it should be the rates. Although
it is one of the top destinations in the world for adult entertainment, it can be very expensive.
If you’re looking for a great adult vacation, why not consider the Dominican Republic instead? You might think that traveling to the Dominican Republic for an adult vacation is more
expensive compared to Las Vegas because Las Vegas is just a drive or short flight away. But if you consider the facts and numbers, you’ll see that Las Vegas is a lot more expensive than the
Dominican Republic and the services may also not be as good. To make sure the comparison is fair, let’s consider that you’re coming from Miami.
Your Las Vegas Vacation
The average airfare from Miami to Las Vegas is within $700 to $800 (round trip). These rates usually include a stop in one city before you reach Las Vegas. Once you’re there, you
need to have a hotel reservation. If you’re staying there for two days, you should be spending no less than $800 for two nights, but that rate could easily increase, especially when
you’re staying during the weekend or if you really want to stay near the strip. A companion will really cost you if you want her to stay with you for two days. The usual rate for a whole
day would be $1,200, which means you’ll be spending $2,400 for a two day stay. Of course, you can get someone more affordable but they are often scammers and
might not be as sexy as they look online. Your food, tips and activities must also be considered as well. Expect to spend at least $90 for food during your stay.
To sum it up, you’ll pay: $700 for travel, $800 for accommodation, $2,400 for your companion and $90 for food. The total cost would be $3,990 for a two day stay.
Your Dominican Republic Vacation
The rate for booking with a DR agency for two days will usually cost you only $2,000 or less. That rate already includes accommodation, food and airport-hotel-airport transfers. The rate
also includes your companion. The only expensive part of your travel to the Dominican Republic is the airfare, which will usually cost from $600-$900 round trip. But even with the airfare,
your total fee would only be within the $3,000 price range. Even if you come from New York, which would add $500 to your airfare, you can still enjoy your two-day vacation at a lower rate.
Aside from the beauty of your companion, you’ll be staying in a top rated resort. You can enjoy the beach and the sand with your companion. Las Vegas could get
hot anytime during the day. Clearly, a two-day vacation in the Dominican Republic is a lot less expensive compared to Las Vegas. The experience of intimacy is the
same, if not better.