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Learning More about La Romana
La Romana is one of the cities in the Dominican Republic that offers a complete experience for everyone, especially for those who want to experience a great adult themed vacation.
Located in the south-east area of the country, La Romana features miles and miles of beautiful white sandy beach along with resorts that could easily rival the best in the country. In this city,
you’ll find one of our featured resorts if you want to have an adult-themed vacation. Getting to La Romana is very easy since the city has an airport. But other airports,
such as the country’s international airport are still accessible from the city.

Getting Around

There are four ways to travel around La Romana:

  • Taxi – regular taxis can be found in different areas in the city. They are considered a bit expensive but they can be very comfortable.

  • Bus – a bus is the best way to travel from one town to another. It’s also a lot more affordable compared to taxis. On the other hand, they can be a little bit crowded because it’s very affordable.

  • Motor Taxis – a motorcycle can be major mode of transportation in La Romana mainly because of its availability. However, there are times when a driver can add more passengers to earn more.

  • Bicycles – for short travels, renting a bicycle is your best bet, especially if you want to go around the city for a few hours.

Nightlife in La Romana

La Romana is a very popular night spot. Every night during any given season, you’ll always find bars, restaurants and clubs bustling with tourists and locals. Almost every club in the city is
open for everyone. Clubs and bars want to have as many customers as possible so that they can have a better party. Most of these bars are found near or on the beach front. You can
be as casual as you want but avoid wearing sleeveless shirts.
There are also clubs and bars in the city. The city can especially get busy at night during the festivities and weekends. The only difference in the city is that you need to be a little bit
more formal. Still, the fun is there, especially if you love to dance.


Shopping in La Romana is a little bit limited in terms of variety. But if you’re looking for some souvenirs and authentic Dominican Republic products, La Romana could be a great place.
You can haggle with the store owner, especially if you’re buying more than one product.

Enjoying La Romana with Your Companion

Even though the nightlife is the best way to enjoy La Romana with your companion, there are many activities you can enjoy with your escort during the day. Snorkeling and day tours are
only some of the many activities that you can enjoy. Of course, you can both simply sit back and relax at the beach. The scenery at La Romana is one of the best in the
country. It’s a small paradise that you shouldn’t miss during your next vacation.