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Is anal sex common in Dominican Republic

My experiences with Dominican women suggests that anal sex is NOT common in the Dom Rep. While Dominican girls are known for their backsides like their Brazilian sisters in
South America, the difference between them is that Brazilian women are comfortable with anal sex and enjoy it, while Dominican women seem terrified of it and will
often refuse to try. I've seen this both personally and in pornographic films.

Dominican women don't do much porn, but when they do, they rarely do anal sex. There are exceptions, but it isn't common. Brazilian women, on the other hand, enjoy anal
sex and it appears frequently in pornographic films that feature them. Why are  Brazilian and Dominican women so opposite in regards to their views on anal sex? Its
difficult to say. If I had to guess it is probably a difference in culture. Generally speaking, Dominicans seem prudish in regards to sex when compared to Brazilians, who
are wild. Even public displays of affection are frowned upon in the DR. For example, in the time I've spent in the DR, I've never seen a Dominican man and woman making
out on the street. It just isn't done there.

I've propositioned three Dominican girls for anal sex. Two said no(even when offered more pay) while the third allowed me to stick my finger up her ass but would go no further.
If you're looking for anal sex you will be hard pressed to find it in the DR. On the other hand, if you do manage to talk a Dominicana into allowing you in her backdoor, it will likely
be a pleasant experience as she will probably be an anal virgin!