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Introduction to Dominican Republic Sex Tourism

It can be argued that the Dom Rep is the sex capital of the Caribbean. Women are available around the clock to service your needs, and there are a variety of options available. Dominican women are a mixture of African and European with a dash of Amerindian thrown in. These girls have large hips, thighs and asses, and if you’re the type of man that likes petite or skinny women like those in Thailand or the Philippines, you may be disappointed with the selection here. There is also a wide range of skin color; Dominican women range from dark chocolate to a “high yellow” complexion.

The really high end resorts and hotels in the DR DO NOT allow female guests, so if you’re coming to the DR for sex then you should aim for mid-priced lodging, and you should confirm with the owner that female guests are allowed. Many hotels in the DR will charge extra if you intend to have girls over, but the prices are reasonable.

Dominican women sex can be found in all the major cities of the DR. Some of the hot spots are Sosua, Santo Domingo and Boca Chica. The DR is a poor country so many of the girls have no computers or internet access, which means they don’t have fancy websites like many American and European hookers. This also means their prices are lower but you will have to go out and find them, which can be a hassle because some of the women here like to play games.