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How to Enjoy the Best Dominican Sex Vacations
To have a great sex vacation in the DR, it is important to plan in advance. At the bear minimum, you should plan your trip at least three months in advance; as this will give you time to
deal with any unforeseen circumstances that may come up. If it is your very first time visiting the DR, and you speak no Spanish at all, you should consider learning a few words and
phrases. While many Dominicans will speak varying degrees of English in the tourist areas, it never hurts to pick of a few Spanish words or phrases. Also, knowing Spanish will make
communicating with the girls a lot easier.
You will also want to do research on accommodations, restaurants, and the areas of the country you intend to visit. Santo Domingo is large city which will give you access to many things;
but it lacks a beach and thus the tropical feel that you may expect from the Caribbean. In contrast, the coastal towns will give you beach access, but may lack the amenities that will be
found in Santo Domingo. Some hotels and resorts allow girls to be brought in; others do not. It is important to research this information in advance.
Additionally, you will need to figure out where and how you’re going to get laid. The DR has an array of options when it comes to this, though the options have decreased in recent years
due to a government clampdown on the adult entertainment business. The easiest way to meet attractive ladies is through the online Dominican adult vacation sites.  Some guys are also
using Dominican Cupid but many of these girls are not sex workers and seek an actual boyfriend or husband. The adult vacation websites feature photos of the ladies, the services they
offer, and the rates. Because of this convenience, these agencies tend to be more expensive than the street girls, but still much lower than American or European escort agencies. The
street girls are available for more adventurous types, though you may have to put up with hassles, inconsistencies, theft, and other problems. A wise tourist will weigh his options carefully.