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Lock and Load - Give Her a Facial She will Never Forget

Lately I've enjoyed the act of ejaculating in the face of Dominican girls. Of course, I got the idea from dominican republic sex videos, and it is something that I insist on any girl
doing before I hire her. Seriously, if a Dominicana is unwilling to let you cum in her face, then she is just a worthless prude and you should reserve your pesos for someone else.
There is no real risk of catching an STD from it, so there is no reason she shouldn't allow it.

There is something erotic about watching your hot steamy man juice run down the face of an attractive woman. I personally consider it a work of art. After all, no cum shot is ever the same.
The first Dominican girl that let me cum in her face made sure to cover her hair with a towel. If there is one thing you should know about Dominican ladies, it is that they are crazy
about their hair. She had no problem with me going off in her face like a fire hose, so long as none got in her hairdo. Fine by me!

As it happened she said "mucho leche." Leche is the word that Dominicans use for cum. Officially its the word for milk, but has a double use. I gave her mucho leche in her face because I take
my vitamins, eat a good diet, and I avoided ejaculating days prior to our meeting. When you give a girl a money shot you want to release as much as possible. Even better is taking
dominican photos sex after the deed is done.