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Getting a Lapdance is Great Foreplay

Prior to my arrival in the DR, I was indifferent to lap dances. I had been to a strip club back in the states, but the experience didn't really do anything for me. All
this changed when I met a Dominican girl who gave me my first real lap dance. We were going to have sex, but I didn't want to rush into the main event. I wanted
an appetizer first.

This chica had a great onion shaped ass(one of the main reasons I chose her), and she knew how to shake and grind her ass in my lap with tremendous pressure, so
much so that I almost ejaculated prematurely. And this was WITH our clothes on. Once the clothes came off things became even more pleasurable. The point I'm
making with this article is that you should take your time with Dominican chicas. When you bring a girl into your hotel room for the first time, she
will be nervous and you may be to. Neither of you have had prior experience, and for all she knows you may be an axe murderer.

The best way to unwind is to explore each others body. Turn down the lights and begin with a massage. Let her sit in your lap and use that famous booty
Dominicanas are known for to bump and grind you until you're as hard as a  diamond. That way, when you finally go up inside her, the sex will be
amazing for the both of you.