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Fun Activities to Enjoy in Puerto Plata
When it comes to tourism, Puerto Plata is one of the most popular provinces in the DR. There are a number of tourist
centers here which are quite popular, and two of the most prominent are Costa Dorada and Playa Dorada. Because
of the nearby international airport, Puerta Plata has become a prominent destination for tourists looking for
Puerto Plata adult hotels and escorts. There are a number of fun filled activities you can enjoy here with
your DR Puerto Plata escorts, and one of them is Ocean World.

Ocean World

Ocean World is a theme park which can be found near the reefs of Cofresi Beach. It is considered not only one of
the most charming places in Puerto Plata, but one of the most exciting parks in the entire country. This theme park
is the largest of its kind in the Caribbean. Some of the features that can be found here include the yacht marina,
dozens of dolphins, beaches, forests, exotic birds, tigers, and even a casino. As you can imagine, Ocean World
has become a major tourist attraction and $45 million was invested in its development.

Amber Museum and Casas Victorianas

Another fun activity that you can enjoy in Puerto Plata is the Amber Museum. This museum was founded in 1982
within the Villa Bentz, which is an extravagant hotel built in 1918. The building was constructed by Marin Gallart,
a famous Spanish architect. This museum is the first of its kind in the DR and is the first to feature various exhibits
of amber. It is an important historical monument and those tourists who are interested in history should visit it
during their stay. Casas Victorianas refers to the architectural style that was imported from England in 1857,
and a number of houses and dwellings in Puerto Plata feature this style.

El Faro

Another attraction that tourists in Puerto Plata can enjoy is a visit to El Faro, which is an Lighthouse constructed
in 1879. It is made of cast iron and comprises a tower which sits on top of a masonry base. It also makes use of
Doric columns, and rises to a height of 137 feet. Because the light house is close to the coast, it was subject to
corrosion; however, American Express offered funds which have allowed it to be restored. Puerto Plata is a
province filled with activities, and with its restaurants, historical attractions, beautiful beaches, and lovely
women, it is a destination that every tourist in the DR should visit.