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Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Red Diamond Girls for Your Next Dominican Adult Vacation
While I can think of many reasons why you should choose Red Diamond Girls for your next Dominican adult vacation, in this article I will be going over five main reasons why our service is
the best, not just in the Caribbean, but in the world as well. Many clients, after using our service, were unable to go back to using more "standard" escort services, and below are the five
main reasons for this.

1. Our girls can meet you at the airport when you arrive - In my opinion, this is one of the best aspects of our service. When you fly into the country, after spending hours on the plane, you
get to be greeted by your lovely lady of choice. Not only that, the two of you can be transported to the resort, which means you don't have to worry about haggling with a taxi cab driver.
How convenient! How many escort agencies do you know of that do this?

2. Our girls are tested for STDs frequently - Unlike many escorts and agencies in the Caribbean, who do not regularly test themselves or their girls, we frequently test our girls to make
sure they are STD free. This gives our clients peace of mind, and ensures that we maintain a high standard for our adult entertainment services.

3. We feature more girls than any other escort agency in the region - With more than thirty girls, Red Diamond Girls is an agency that continues to grow. This is testament to the fact that
we treat our girls with a high level of respect. At Red Diamond Girls, we are more than just another escort agency...we are a family, and that means our ladies are well taken care of.
One thing that our agency understands more than most is that when our girls have a problem, the agency has a problem. What sane person wouldn't want to pick us for their next
Dominican adult vacation?

4. We screen clients before allowing them to meet our girls - Most agencies in the Caribbean, and even the world for that matter, still don't bother to screen their clients. They are simply
content to let anyone use their service so long as they have enough money. Red Diamond Girls is an agency which holds itself to a much higher standard. We tailor our services towards
affluent, respectful, and mature gentlemen, and our screening process is the method we use to ensure this.

5. We require a deposit up front - Advance deposits are typically required by escorts and agencies which are very high in quality. We also like deposits because it is an effective method
of filtering out scammers or other undesirable clients long before they get a chance to use our service. Our deposits are mandatory, and there are no exceptions to the rule. Any person
who wants to take a Dominican adult vacation with us must pay it.