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Finding Escorts in the Dominican Republic

Searching for escorts in the DR has, unfortunately, become a bit harder than it used to be. Sure, you can easily find girls walking the streets of Sosua, but finding one that is high in quality
is another matter entirely. Compared to the USA and Europe, Dominican prostitution is prehistoric. While European and American girls snag clients via fancy websites with animated
videos and photos, Dominican hookers are still walking the streets and bars 1970s style.

I doubt the vast majority of Dominican hookers own a computer or internet connection; even fewer know how to use it. What has made getting Dominican girls even harder is the recent
decision of the government to shut down virtually all the adult clubs, brothels, and massage parlors on the island. Why did they do it? Who knows. Its impossible to figure out the locals
and why they do what they do. All the brothels were shut down, yet we're left with the street walkers.....and a handful of adult vacation sites on the internet.

Dominican street hookers are more or less a hassle to deal with. I had much better experiences in the clubs where the girls were under the control of the owner, who screened them and expected
them to pursue clients who entered the premises. By comparison, the street girls are lazy. They spend most of their time hanging out with their girlfriends, lounging around in bars. These
ladies aren't serious about making money and most of them don't. If you've got the patience and an outgoing personality you'll eventually find a street hooker that is worth it. If not
then you'll have a tough time.

There are websites on the internet with Dominican escorts, but they are packaged vacation sites that include the girls, and they tend to be very expensive, at least for Dominican
standards. However you will get a better deal, and the girls can be delivered to your doorstep(or meet you in the airport when you arrive). As with all things in life, you
get what you pay for. Until the clubs reopen(if ever), these vacation sites are the best option for those that don't want to deal with street girls and their games.