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Red Diamond Girls - Frequently Asked Questions
Below are a list of the questions we frequently receive. While men are indeed visual creatures, reading all the information on this page, as well as all the information
on this website, will go a long ways towards ensuring that your Dominican Republic erotic vacation are made quickly and smoothly.  While we will be happy to answer
any questions you send us, please take the time to read the information on this page "first" prior to contacting us.
Each GFE adult vacation packages includes the following:
- Round trip ground transportation to/from the airport.
- Full Service Adult Entertainment, Companionship, & the TRUE GFE, OR Introductions to lovely and available young 18 - 24yo ladies.
- Accommodations on the Ocean and near the Beach an adult resort, luxury ocean view condos, beach front penthouses, or private villas with King or
  Queen size bed(s), Air conditioning, Cable TV, en suite bathroom, mirror, closet, personal refrigerator, a safe box to store all of your valuables, and magnificent views.
- Daily maid service with linens and towels changed daily.
- Breakfast and Lunch served daily.
- Complimentary pool & beach towels, and free gym pass.
- Introductory tour to show you all the popular places in and around town, places to eat, what to do, and what to see.
- Personal Tour guide, Translator, and Concierge Desk to ensure a worry & hassle free adult vacation experience from the moment you land until it is time to check out.
- Help in planning any day activities, site seeing tours, and excursions such as Ocean front Golfing, Deep Sea Fishing, Snorkeling, and more!
- 24 hour Security on site at each of our locations.
- The option to add more girls or more time with the girls at very reasonable rates.
- The option to upgrade your accommodations, if available.
- A No Tipping Policy through out the resort. Everything is already included with each adult vacation packages
- Are the girls in the photos real?
Absolutely. I know it is hard to believe, given how beautiful they are, and the fact that many unscrupulous escorts and agencies around the world use fake photos, but you can be rest
assured that every girl featured on this website is just as real as the computer you're using to read this sentence....but their photos don't do them justice, since they are so much more
beautiful in person. The ladies will make sure that your Dominican Republic erotic vacation is nothing short of spectacular.
- How do I pick a girl?
The first step towards picking a girl is to find a girl you like. Once you find a girl you like, you must make the needed vacation reservations. Keep in mind that the ladies
are available on a first come, first serve basis, so you will want to book your reservations in advance to make sure the girl you want is available. Most escort agencies do regular
photo shoots, so feel free to contact us at any time for more photos of any girl. Making reservations for your erotic vacation in advance is a great way to ensure the erotic girl
you desire is available.
- If I book a girl, will she be available when I arrive?
The ladies work full time and plan to stay with the agency for a long time. Your girl will be available when you arrive for your vacation, but should something unexpected happen
in the meantime, you can be notified as soon as possible.
- What if every girl I want is booked?
To avoid having this happen, you will want to be sure to make your reservations in advance. Agencies are high in demand, so it is important for you to make sure you book the girls you
want as soon as possible. If the girl is still booked despite the fact you made advance reservations for your vacation, you will have to pick another date when your girl is available, or pick
another companion. By knowing the type of girl you want, such as tall, blonde, athletic, etc, you will find a girl which matches your specifications as closely as possible.

- Do I have the option of switching girls, and if so, how much will it cost?
You can switch the girls as much as you like, but keep in mind that you will be responsible for paying the cost of transportation. The good news is that this
price is inexpensive. Keep in mind that the transportation costs for each erotic vacation resort is different, and the pricing is also subject to the policies of the resort. I should also mention
that some resorts also charge guest fees, so it is best to let them know what changes you would like to make in advance.
- Do all the girls speak English?
Some of the ladies speak very good English while others are not as good. However, you shouldn't have much of a problem 
communicating with them. However, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pick up at least a few basic Spanish phrases before making your erotic vacation. Many clients who know at least
basic Spanish have often told us that their Dominican Republic adult vacation was much more enjoyable as a result! The ladies will also have a business cell phone that the patrons can
use and we’re happy to provide translations for them as needed.
- Once I arrive, how do I get to the resort?
Not only can someone be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive, but your lady of choice can be there as well. Many escort agencies in the Dominican Republic do this.
Being there at the airport when the clients arrive takes away a lot of the stress that is involved with traveling, especially when the client is flying into the country for the first
time. They will check you into the resort and then take you back to the airport on time to make sure you catch your flight home. Most Dominican Republic erotic vacation
services offer this feature to their clients.
- What airport should I fly to so that I'm closest to the resorts?
The right airport for you to fly into is largely dependent on the resort you plan to stay at.
- Do you set up flights for your clients?
The agency will wait for you to arrive at the airport if you make advance reservations, but most do not set up flights for the clients. Getting a plane ticket is easy, with an internet connection
you can easily purchase a ticket at a website such as Jet Blue or Expedia. However, if you need some help finding the most affordable flights, they can assist you in that department.
- I want to book an appointment. How do I make payment?
Visit our pricing page for details.
- Is it necessary for me to pay a deposit in advance?
Paying an advance deposit is necessary with most agencies. They require their clients to pay a deposit in advance so they can be sure their reservations and girls of choice are available.
Getting an advance deposit also ensures they separate the flakes from serious patrons who are genuinely interested in using their service. Never hop on a plane to the DR
in the hope that they will make an appointment for you and accept payment upfront when you arrive; many people have tried this only to find that they were rejected
upon their arrival. Don't let this happen to you. No matter what reservations you make, the deposit is always part of the package price for individuals and couples,
and they deduct this from the total amount. Please bear in mind that deposits are not refundable; if for some reason you're unable to make your appointment.
they can hold your deposit for up to one year so that you can take your vacation at another time.