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Exploring The Beautiful Lago Enriquillo During Your Dominican Adult Vacation
The beauty of the Dominican Republic is more than what tourists see on the beaches. For men, the women in the Dominican Republic are some of the
hottest women in the world. For this reason many men visit the country to have an erotic experience in one of the adult resorts. However, the beauty of
the women and the beaches of the Caribbean are not the only things that should be enjoyed by tourists. There are some hidden gems here that will
simply amaze even the most seasoned travelers. One of these gems is Lago (Lake) Enriquillo. Located in the southwestern part of the country, going
there alone can easily become an adventure because of its relative remoteness. However, the difficulty in reaching this landmark can be easily healed
once the tourist lays eyes on this beautiful lake.

Getting There

Because Lago Enriquillo is part of the Jaragua-Bahoruca-Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve, access is restricted. However, this doesn't mean you can't
visit the area. There are travel companies who can take tourists from any part of the country to Lago Enriquillo. If you're visiting the country for
an erotic experience, you might want to look for a separate reservation. It's also possible that you can request the adult themed resort to
arrange a tour for you and your hot Dominican lady.

Learning More About the Lake

Lago Enriquillo is not just a lake that has impressive flora and fauna. It is the lowest point in the Caribbean. Although the lake is saltwater, none of this
water flows directly from the ocean. Water comes from rain and evaporation. While drought never occurs in the lake, the water level can drastically go
down, which will reveal more interesting facts about this region.

The Islands

The most interesting part of the trip in Lago Enriquillo is visiting the islands of the lake. There are three islands in the lake: Isla Cabritos, Islita and Barbarita.
When the water level is high (rainy season) the islands seem to be very independent but the dry season will reveal sand that connects the islands. Tourists
who visit the lake are led to the biggest of the three which is Isla Cabrito. This island is special because of a unique national park. This national park is
home to numerous crocodiles and flamingos. The presence of the crocodiles actually presents a unique characteristic of Lago Enriquillo, since you can't
find a lot of saltwater lakes called home by the crocodiles in this country.

Preparing for the Trip

Lago Enriquillo can be very discomforting for those who are not prepared for the trip. It is highly recommended to bring a cap and sunglasses. The cap can
protect you from the sun and the sunglasses can protect you from the effects of saltwater in the lake. Although you'll never have to swim there, the water
can really hurt your eyes because there's too much salt. With good protection and advanced planning, tourists should be able to enjoy one of the best kept
secrets of the Dominican Republic. This would be extra special if you can visit there with a beautiful Dominican Lady.