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Enjoying the Sights and Sounds of Altamira
Altamira is a small town that can be found in the Dominican Republic. It is located in the province of Puerto Plata, and
it became a municipality in 1889. Each year on October 29th, a holiday is held here which celebrates the town becoming
a municiapality. Altamira is an excellent place for tourists who are searching for Dominican Republic escorts Puerto
Plata. With its pleasant scenery and small size, this town is excellent for tourists who are looking to get off the
beaten track. Escorts Puerto Plata domonican republic are quite popular among travelers.

History of Altamira, Puerto Plata

There are many places in Latin America which are called Altamira. The town of Altamira in Puerto Plata once operated
primarily as an agricultural base, with numerous ranches where families lived. This town became famous due to its
tobacco plantations, which became its signature feature. After the Dominican War of Restoration, Altamira increased
in importance, not just due too its strategic benefits, but also because of the demographics and commerical
activities here. While commerical activities decreased during the War of Restoration, they increased again
after the war. Clothing, shoes, food, and other household items were produced and sold here.

The street known today as San Jose was once a road built in 1890, and it was named the "Street of the
Donkeys." It was given this name due to the fact that donkeys were the primary draft animal at the time,
and were widely available. In 1897, a railroad was constructed which connected Puerto Plata to Santiago.
The primary station was found in the La Piedra area of Altamria. It is said that it took approximately two
and a half hours to travel from Puerto Plata to Santiago.

Altamira Geography

Altamria is located about 400 meters above sea level. It sits within the Cordillera Septentrional, and has
forest climate which is quite humid. To the north of Altamira is Imbert, while Santiago Province sits to the
south. To the west of Altamira are the municipalities of Hope and Guananico. San Felipe can be found to
the east. Altamira is the fifth biggest municipality in the DR and is split into eight regions: Pescado Bobo,
Rio Grande, El Mamey, Los LLanos, Palmar Grande, Higuero, Quebrada Honda, and Escalera.