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Enjoying Puerto Plata with Your Dominican Republic Escort
One of our featured packages allows you to enjoy the Dominican Republic with a sensual companion in an upscale resort located in Puerto Plata. If you’re not familiar
with the DR then you won't want to miss this beautiful city during your stay. As soon as you arrive, you’ll immediately notice why the city is very attractive, not only to tourists
but even to locals and investors alike. A day or two in Puerto Plata may not be enough time to truly enjoy the many attractions this city offers.
The Beaches
Enjoying Puerto Plata with you companion should come naturally as the city offers miles and miles of pristine waters. The beach front of the resort is a typical setting in
Puerto Plata – pristine waters with white sand that stretches for miles. Walking in the sand late in the afternoon with your companion is very romantic, not to mention soothing.
The wind in Puerto Plata is a little bit stronger compared to other cities in the country. Because of this natural setting, the city is also the preferred destination for surfers.
Getting in and Going Around
Puerto Plata has an airport with an official code of POP which is also used to refer to the entire region. As with all our packages, you’ll be taken to the resort, which is only a
15-minute drive from the airport. From the airport to the resort, you will most likely notice how tourists and some locals prefer to travel around. The bicycle is a favorite mode of
transportation in Puerto Plata. They are versatile enough to handle the sand and could take you to different places around the area without having to hire transportation that
will take you around.
Traveling with your Dominican Republic Escort
The advantage of enjoying the Dominican Republic with an escort is that you’ll have a personal tour guide who can help you enjoy the best of Puerto Plata. But this doesn’t mean
you’re covered on expenses as well. When you’re traveling with your companion, be sure to bring enough cash for food and transportation. Don’t worry; Puerto Plata is not a
very pricey city. For less than $10, you can have a feast in this town. If you’re on a bicycle, you could also spend a lot less since you can easily go to places without additional charges.
Traveling at night is a little bit tricky. The hotel will usually help you find transportation and pay for it but you're expected to pay for the trip back. It’s a good deal, especially
if you’re going out a lot to enjoy the nightlife of Puerto Plata.
Getting Out for More
Another reason why tourists love Puerto Plata is its access to other remarkable cities in Dominican Republic. One bus ride could take you to Maimon, Sosua, Cofresi and Luperon. These
cities are only some of the cities accessible from Puerto Plata. These cities feature remarkable beaches, interesting activities and a vibrant nightlife.