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Drinking in the Dom Rep

A vacation isn’t a vacation without lots of alcohol. This is especially true for drunk girls having sex in the Dominican Republic. Alcohol, when consumed in moderation, can make you feel good. It can help you relax and put you in the mood for sex, which is exactly what you should want during your trip. However, misusing alcohol can turn your wonderful vacation into a hazardous one.

Drinking while driving in the DR is very stupid. Actually, driving period in the DR is stupid but I already covered that in a previous article. My philosophy on drinking in the DR is simple: avoid getting drunk if possible. Personally, I prefer to just get a nice buzz going and then leave it at that. The problem with being drunk is that both your situational awareness and reaction time deteriorate. This means you’re prone to accidents and being targeted by locals who are unsavory. You should never drink so much in the DR that you can barely stand, but if you choose to do so, it is best to stay in a sex escort companion resort. Dominican Republic hookers may also behave differently when they drink, becoming rowdy or violent.  This is another good reason to avoid drinking too much.

The Best Alcoholic Beverages in the DR

The good thing about drinking here is that alcohol is plentiful, diverse, and cheap. The best local brand is Presidente for beer. If you want something harder look for Brugal, as they serve good rum. There are Germans that live on the north coast of the DR and they’ve brought their great tasting German beer, so you will want to try Bohemia.