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Dominican Theatres

There are a number of theatres that can be found in the DR. Those tourists who are cultured and who love events such
as opera or plays should attend these theatres with escorts Dominican Republic Puerto Plata. When many tourists visit,
they want to know where to find escorts in Puerto Plata. After finding these ladies, taking them to a theatre can be
a very rewarding activity. However, it is important to remember that there are theatres all over the island,
especially in the major cities.

Teatro Nacional

Located in Santo Domingo, this theatre forms a portion of the Plaza de la Cultura complex. The theatre is the main
attraction of the complex and is itself surrounded by numerous museums and other institutions. This theatre can be
found close to Avenida Maximo Gomez, which is one of the most prominent streets of the city. This theatre was designed
by local architect Teofilo Carbonell and was first opened in 1973. The main hall, named Sala Eduardo Brito, was named
after a famous Dominican opera singer. Teatro Nacional seats about 1,600 people, and the stage can easily hold at
least 25 people. The facade for the theatre is designed with classical style arches  comprised of marble. The building
itself has four levels, in addition to the main halls.

The orchestra section of this theatre can seat about one hundred and twenty musicians. It also has a hall named
"Sala Ravelo," which is named after another Dominican musician and which can seat almost two hundred spectators.
Some halls of Teatro Nacional are specifically reserved for theatrical productions. There are administrative offices,
a hall for reception, and even a bar. The Sala de la Cultura(Culture Hall), can hold up to two hundred and twenty
people, and it was designed for events like piano concerts, symposiums, chamber concerts, cultural events,
and seminars.

There is also a library nearby called Biblioteca del Teatro, and it was funded by Teresita Jimenez, a Cuban artist,
along with the help of the French embassy. It should also be noted that this building houses historical information
which is related to Dominican musical history. During your stay in the DR, if you happen to be visiting Santo
Domingo, and you're interested in theatre, opera, or plays, you will not want to leave the city without
visiting Teatro Nacional at least once. Its rich history and collection of works is well worth the trip.