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Dominican Seafood
Given the tropical, maritime environment of the DR, Dominican seafood forms an important part of the cuisine.
Dominican culinary technique borrows heavily from Spain, Africa, and the Taino natives that once ruled the island.
While the cuisine does resemble that of other cuisines which are found throughout Latin America, there are a
number of distinctions as well. Tourists who enjoy seafood will find a lot of it here during their Dominican
Republic erotic adult vacations. When visiting this country for the Dominican Republic adult vacations, it
is important to remember that lunch is the most important meal of the day.

One popular dish enjoyed by locals is Paella, which is a rice dish that has its origins in Valencia. The seafood
version of Paella will use seafood as opposed to beans and meat. Some of the seafood found in this dish
will include lobster, mussles, shrimp, or cuttlefish. Tomatoes and garlic will be included as well. Saffron,
salt, and paprika are additional ingredients that may be added. Another popular seafood that is eaten
in the DR is Bacalaito. These are cod fritters, and they will generally be eaten as a snack which
accompanies a meal. They will often be served at the beach and at parties.

If you enjoy stew, the Dominicans have a seafood version called the Hearty Fisherman's Stew.
This dish uses tomato soup, garlic, oregano, pepper(Black or White), carrots, onions, celery, red
pepper, and shrimp. When combined and cooked, a rich stew is produced which has a fantastic
taste. If you enjoy shrimp and potatoes, you will also want to try the Shrimp and Potato Fritters
during your  stay. The fried fritters are combined with shrimp and Munster cheese to produce
an excellent snack or appetizer.

These are just a few of the seafood dishes that you can enjoy during your vacation in the DR. Your lady
will be impressed if you have a familiarity with these foods. When traveling here, don't restrict yourself
to the American style restaurants. Take a trip off the beaten path and try some seafood dishes
that you've never eaten before.