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Dominican Republic Sex Trade

The DR has a large and vibrant sex trade, one of the largest in the Caribbean. This has attracted foreign men to the country, primarily from Europe and North America.  The primary advantage of traveling to the DR for sex is cost. A flight from many parts of the USA, particularly the South, is cheap. When you combine this with the low cost of getting laid in the DR itself, it is easy to see why many men flock here.

At the same time, many Dominican women seem to lack the sexual voraciousness that is seen in White and Brazilian women. Brazil used to be a major sex destination especially for Black American men, but the DR has replaced Brazil for many due to the lower costs of travel, lodging, and the women themselves. There is little point of listing actual prices since it will vary from girl to girl, but needless to say you will pay a fraction of what you’re going to pay in the USA, especially for White girls.

At the same time, the quality of Dominican women can vary greatly. Many will talk a good game, promising this or that, but when getting them behind closed doors the performance may be less than desired. This is why it is important for hobbyists to carefully screen and interview these women before choosing them. And, most important of all, never pay them a dime until the session is complete, and they’ve done as they agreed to do.