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Dominican Republic Escorts Introduction
For those of you reading this who are not familiar with the country, the Dominican Republic is an island nation which sits in the Caribbean. It is in close proximity to countries such as
Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Cuba, and it is world famous for its white sandy beaches and tropical weather. Additionally, this country is also famous for its Dominican Republic escorts.
The women of the DR have a fiery sensual disposition that has led many men to name it their favorite vacation spot in the Caribbean.

While not as familiar to most Americans as Brazil, The DR is none the less a popular tourist destination, especially for Canadians. In recent years, more people are discovering the beauty
that this country has to offer. One of the most beautiful aspects of the country is its people, and particularly its women. Without a doubt, Dominican Republic escorts are some of the
most beautiful women in the world. Being of a Taino, African, and European mixture, these women are extremely exotic. Dominican women have an appearance which makes them distinct
from other women in the region, including South Americans.

These lovely ladies come in a variety of different shades, and while some have pale skin, others have a dark Nubian complexion. Many of the women fall somewhere in between, having
golden brown skin. Dominican Republic escorts are known for their prominent curves, and if you're a man who likes a women with a shapely rear end, then these ladies are a perfect fit.
While some Dominican women are indeed petite, many of them have a curvaceous or athletic build.

How to Get Dominican Republic Escorts

To meet these ladies, you will need to travel to the country. The good news for Americans and Canadians is that the DR is just to the South in the Caribbean, meaning you can be there
within 12 hours or less. This also means that travel costs are cheap. Two of the best online travel sites for flying to the DR are www.jetblue.com and www.hotwire.com. However, before
you purchase your ticket(and your passport if you don't have one), you will first need to pick an escort agency.

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