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Dominican Republic Adult Vacations for Jet Setters
In many ways, though it may seem unlikely at first, the Caribbean is perhaps the last destination on Earth for jet setters who are looking for high end adult entertainment. The primary
reason for this is because the vast majority of countries in the Caribbean feature a large number of desperate women who are willing to sell their bodies for pennies on the dollar, and this
is true for women living on most of the Caribbean islands, whether it be Jamaica, Barbados, Cuba, Haiti, or the Dominican Republic. In fact, many men take Dominican Republic adult vacations precisely for this reason.

The problem is, the vast majority of these men are not jet setters, and a true jet setter wouldn't be caught dead using the low quality services that are available here. However, before we
move further with this subject, lets go over the definition of a "jet setter." The name literally translates into "someone who sits on a jet, or more appropriately, a private jet." The vast
majority of people who travel to the Caribbean do not do so on a private jet, but on a commercial airline. When Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, or Donald Trump travel to the Caribbean, they do
so on a private jet, as these men are "jet setters."

The problem with the vast majority of adult entertainment services in the Caribbean is that they cater their services towards the masses of foreign travelers as opposed to a select few. In
other words, they cater more towards sex tourists as opposed to jet setters. Many of the people living throughout the Caribbean perceive these tourists as being "rich," and this is true to
a certain extent. But it is only true in the sense that the currencies of North America and Europe tend to be much stronger than those of most Caribbean nations, and sex tourists take
advantage of this. This is why they take Dominican Republic adult vacations where they get to pay a street girl $15 for hardcore sex, because they can.

Because this is the crowd that makes up a large majority of those traveling to the Caribbean for adult entertainment, this is precisely why over 90% of escorts and agencies don't bother to
improve their image. The reality is, in the U.S., you couldn't even get a street walker in New York or Los Angeles to perform many of the sex acts that Dominican street girls perform for $15. If you offer a street walker that price in the U.S., prepare to be subjected to a barrage of foul language, and perhaps even worse. Jet setters tend to be so wealthy that they have little reason to
travel to save money due to differences in currency exchange rates. They are so wealthy that they can hire the best at home.

This also means that many jet setters are not attracted to the quality of adult entertainment that the Caribbean currently provides. The only exception to this is Red Diamond Girls. We are
a high end agency that can match the tastes of even the most discriminating gentlemen. We cater our services to the upscale man that thrives on excellence.