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Dominican Republic Adult Travel for Rich Guys
The Dominican Republic has become a popular location among wealthy foreigners who are looking to have a great time, and this is particularly true for those men who are looking for a
five star adult experience. You see, the Caribbean is known for having many high end places and activities, including snorkeling, diving, yacht racing, and world class resorts and golf. Despite
this, the region has suffered over the years when it has come to providing high quality adult entertainment. While this type of entertainment has always been available, and will continue
to be in some form or another, five star adult entertainment has been tough to find................until now.

Red Diamond Girls is the first escort agency in the Caribbean to cater its services towards wealthier men, and it is our long term goal to become the premier agency in the world which
features women of color. The biggest problem with most agencies in this area of the world is that, compared to other nations, the quality of the escort services are second rate. We have
first rate quality in almost every other area accept that of adult entertainment, and this is precisely why we designed our Dominican Republic adult travel to pamper those wealthy men
who are wise enough to use it. Because of our dominance over the competition, the vast majority of men who have tried our service have never gone back to previous providers.

In fact, many of the men who have used our services while staying in the Dominican Republic have avoided hiring escorts while back at home, instead reserving their funds for a trip
south when they get a break from work or school. This is a very prudent plan indeed. We offer a level of service that is not only difficult to find in the Caribbean, but hard to find anywhere
else in the world. We get clients who often fly into the country from as far away as New Zealand, just to use our service, and there is a reason for this...because we offer a level of service
that is hard to find in other parts of the world, especially for the prices at which our services are offered.

I think it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Red Diamond Girls has set a new benchmark in the adult entertainment industry, and we will continue to do so well into the future. The reason
for this is because we understand that to be number one, in any given industry, you must become a trendsetter. This is also the reason we chose to begin offering a luxury cruise to our
clients, since they are among some of the most wealthy to travel to both in this country and the region. Our service is designed for those men who will not sell themselves short by hiring
street girls, men who are willing to pay a premium for Dominican Republic adult travel.