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Dominican Republic Adult Sex Vacation
The Dominican Republic has become one of the world's best hot spots for those who are looking for an erotic sexual adventure. Located in the Caribbean, this nation has a tropical
climate and the weather is hot for most of the year. Another thing that is equally hot all year round in this lovely country is the Dominican women. If you haven't taken a Dominican
Republic adult sex vacation, you have no idea what you're missing.
Many of the men who have traveled to this country have said that it is the Western version of Thailand. This is true in many respects. Like Thailand, there are a large number of
women selling their bodies on the street, and because of this, they can be had for a fraction of what you would pay at home in the U.S. or Europe, even for a street hooker. While
many of the men who visit the DR choose to frequent these women, one has to ask themselves is it really worth it?
Is it worth it to travel to a foreign country, just to hire a street hookers, when you can have the best that the country has to offer for a fraction of the price? While some
would say yes, there are a number of things you should consider. First, many of these street girls, like those of Thailand and other nations, are not tested regularly for STDs.
Like Thailand, Brazil, and other destinations known for sex tourism, the rate of sexually transmitted disease is quite high.
The reason for this is obvious. Because these girls are paid pennies to perform sexual services, they need to service a high volume of customers in order to generate a
real profit. With each customer they take, they increase the chances of catching an STD. In addition to this, many of these girls, who are not highly educated, perform dangerous
sex acts without testing either themselves or their clients, and this further increases the likelihood of them catching STDs. Red Diamond Girls is a Dominican escort service that is
designed for wealthier businessmen. While the prices of our services are more competitive than what you would find in Europe, Canada, or the United States, our services are
much higher in quality than the street girls who frequent this nation. Our girls are tested regularly, have model level good looks, and will treat you like an emperor, catering
to your needs.
While hiring street girls in the DR is cheap, it is also full of headaches. First, when you arrive in the country, you will have no idea what girl you're getting in advance, since
most of them don't have a website. Second, many of these girls don't speak very much English, which means that you will have trouble communicating with them. In contrast,
all of our girls speak basic English at the bare minimum. Third, our vacation packages are all-inclusive, and include food, drinks, the girls, and transportation.