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Dominican Republic Adult All Inclusive Vacation With a Escort
Here at Red Diamond Girls, we provide our patrons with the highest level of service possible when it comes to an adult all inclusive vacation with a escort. If you're
vacationing in the Caribbean, and you're looking for the best adult entertainment that money can buy, then you will definitely want to pick our service. We have the largest
number of girls of any agency in the Caribbean, and unlike most of our competitors, we do not use small or blurry photos.
The Dominican Republic has become one of the Caribbeans primary hot spots when it comes to adult vacations. The beautiful women, tropical weather, and world
class beaches attract people from all over the world. While there are a number of choices available for adult entertainment during your stay in this country, to be quite frank,
many of them are second rate when compared to our agency.
One thing that many patrons first notice about Red Diamond Girls is its size: no adult vacation provider in the region has anywhere near the number of lovely ladies that our
agency comprises. As of this writing, we have over 40 ladies, and the number consistently grows over time. Paying attention to the size of an agency is always important when
you're considering using it for your adult entertainment needs. The reason for this is because an agency that has a lot of girls is an agency that not only treats its girls right, but
it is an agency that treats its customers right as well.
In contrast, an agency with a small number of girls or a high turn over is a definite warning sign. It means the agency either treats the girls bad or is involved in scams;
perhaps both. As a consumer, your goal should be to get the best for your money. Another key factor that makes RDG the best when it comes to adult all inclusive vacation
with a escort is the fact that we feature luxurious five star resorts where everything is included in the package, and this is girls, transportation, food, etc.
Many escort agencies in the Dominican Republic are not all inclusive, and are merely stand alone escort agencies that will deliver their girls to your hotel during your stay. In
contrast, our agency has a direct relationship with many of the top resorts in the country, and this means that everything can be packaged under one low price. Keep in mind
that many hotels in the DR do not allow “overnight guests,” and this means that depending on your lodging reservations, your girl may not be able to stay with you. With Red
Diamond Girls, you get to spend time with your lady in a breathtaking setting.