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Dominican Adult Vacations - The Dominican Girl Bubble Butt
Latin women, and Dominican women in particular, have become quite famous for their prominent posteriors. Perhaps one of the most famous examples of this is Jennifer Lopez, a woman
who reportely had her butt insured for $1 million. Black women as a group match Latinas when it comes to their bubble butts, and one of the most famous examples of this is none other
than Beyonce Knowles, a woman who has made the term "bootylicious" quite famous. Of course, this article would not be complete without mentioning Vida Guerra,the Cuban queen of
bubble butts. Each year, millions of men around the world travel to countries such as Brazil to experience first hand the true definition of bootylicious.
The Dominican Republic is another hot destination for males who are seeking the famous Dominican girl bubble butt. While some Dominican women are petite, being a mixture of
African, European, and Taino heritage, many of these ladies are known for their coke bottle curves. Many of the men who have traveled to the Dominican Republic have been astounded
by the beauty of these gorgeous women. Dominican women come in a variety of different shades. While some have fair skin and very Latin features, others are as dark as African
American actress Gabrielle Union.
Regardless, all these women have a beauty which is unique only to them. Many of the men who have traveled to the Dominican Republic and other countries of Latin America often
wonder why these women tend to have more prominent and shapely butts in comparison to European and Asian women. Our best guess to this is that the Dominican girl bubble butt
is the result of genetics, environment, and diet. Because many Dominican women have a similar genetic make up to that of Brazilian, Cuban, and African American women, it doesn't come
as a big surprise that they all share this characteristic. The one thing that we know for sure is that these ladies are hot, and they have many features that other women in the world,
despite their beauty, lack.
While there are some White and Asian girls who have bubble butts as well, these women tend to be in the minority. Most European and Asian women are relatively petite in comparison
to women from the Latin America and the Caribbean. While I love women of all colors, I hold Latinas, and particularly Dominican women, in high regard due to their curvy figures and
amazing rear ends. Have you ever watched a woman with a bubble butt walk? One thing that you will often notice is that her butt jiggles as she moves, almost like jello. In my opinion,
no woman has a true bubble butt unless it jiggles when she walks. Red Diamond Girls is one of the top escort agencies in the Dominican Republic. We feature over 40 beautiful ladies,
many of which have the famous bubble butt that Latinas are known for. We suggest visiting the country to meet these girls in person!