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Dominican Adult Travel Basics
While traveling can be fun, relaxing, and adventurous, it can also be stressful. If you've been perusing our website for a while, there is a good chance that you're ready to head to
the Dominican Republic to find out what all the fuss about our agency is about. If this is the case, then below are a list of tips which can help ensure that your trip is made as smoothly
as possible. These Dominican adult travel basics will help you get the most out of your vacation.

1. Don't show up without paying the deposit in advance - Yes, we require a deposit, and you had better pay it "before" you get on the plane to come to the DR. Many men don't like
paying deposits, and instead try to play what we here at Red Diamond Girls call the "up front game," where they show up in the DR and then try to make a short notice appointment.
Many of these men are frustrated to find that we turn them down as a result. We require a 1/3 deposit for every appointment, and there are no exceptions to this. Don't ruin your Dominican
adult travel plan, just pay it up front. We gain nothing by running off with your money.

2. Pick which girl you want in advance - There is a reason why Red Diamond Girls is popular, and there is a good chance that the lady you want may not be available if you don't book her
in advance. Making advanced reservations ensures that the girl of your choice is available. Additionally, we recommend picking a "secondary" girl just in case the primary girl you want is
not available.

3. If you're a monger, stay away from us - Here at Red Diamond Girls, we hate "mongers," or men who go to the Dominican Republic for the sole purpose of exploiting the women there.
Mongers get a kick out of paying desperate Dominican girls $15 to perform dangerous sex acts that no escort in her right mind would perform in their home country. These men then go
online and brag on forums about how they dehumanized the girls. We protect our girls from these types of clients and we do this by charging much higher prices as well as screening
potential patrons.

4. Hygiene is important to us, and it had better be important to you - While you would think that having good hygiene prior to engaging in Dominican adult travel is common sense, you
would be surprised by the number of guys who don't shower properly before meeting our girls....how humiliating. Don't expect our ladies to give you a good time if your hygiene is not up
to par. Take a shower, brush your teeth, and trim your nails "prior" to the session. Additionally, putting on some cologne will make you very attractive to the ladies.

5. Take the time to learn Dominican customs - The Dominican Republic is not like the U.S., Canada, or Europe, and this means that the country has a different set of laws and customs.
Becoming familiar with at least the basic customs will go a long ways toward improving your trip. Don't expect Dominicans to conform to your country, because you're on their turf. Picking
up some basic Spanish phrases can dramatically improve the time you spend with the ladies.