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Creating Blended Orgasms during Dominican Sex Holidays

Over the years, human sexuality has become quite scientific. Many experts seek to break down the orgasm into a simple mathematical formula, which will typically consist of this body part  x stimulation time = orgasm. Most DR escorts and their foreign
clients don't care much for math, which is why we highly recommend focusing on blended orgasms.
The blended orgasm is best described as a game where the couple will connect the dots. In this particular game, the "dots" will be your body's various erogenous zones. As far as Dominican sex holidays are concerned, the orgasms, at the bear
minimum, could be a combination of stimulating the pussy and clitoris simultaneously. However, all women are different, and each one may need something different in order to bring on the big O.
It is important for couples to experiment and explore each other's body. Most important of all is effective communication. No man or woman, regardless of how good they are in bed, is a mind reader. The human body is a complex system with many
pleasure zones and nerve endings. The time an escort spends with her client is limited, so locating and stimulating pleasures zones as quickly as possible is always best.