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Choosing a Penthouse For Your Dominican Vacation
When you take adult vacations in Dominican Republic, there are a number of options you have available in terms of lodging. While many
tourists choose to stay in hotels or resorts, others opt for more luxurious domiciles. The penthouse is the ultimate choice for those
tourists who want to enjoy the best Dominican Republic adult nightlife. It gives you spectacular views of the city while simultaneously
giving you complete privacy. The penthouse has a very unique history.

A Brief History of The Penthouse

The penthouse is an architectural concept that originated in the United States. During the 1920s, the country was rapidly industrializing,
and many people migrated to the cities to find jobs. This created a growing demand for high rise apartments where people and their
families could live. At the same time, there was also an increasing demand for luxurious apartments which would house the rich
and famous. It is from this demand that the penthouse was born. The very first penthouses were built near Park Avenue in
New York city. During the 1920s, these apartments were often used to host lavish parties.

The penthouse is distinct from regular apartments in that penthouses always occupy the top floor. This gives the penthouse resident
a high level of privacy, as they don't have people living above them and on both sides of them. From an architectural perspective, the
penthouse solved the problem of creating privacy and luxury within the confines of a high rise building. The penthouse is remarkable
because it allows the wealthy to have access to all the conveniences of the city while at the same time having many of the features
that are only found in standalone houses. This makes the penthouse a distinct domicile that is highly unique.

Penthouse Amenities

A penthouse has many of the advantages of a standalone house without many of the disadvantages of an apartment. Many of them
come equipped with balconies, swimming pools, fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, marble floors, and rare materials such as Venetian
stucco, textured glass, and rosewood. Others come with a jacuzzi and most come with breathtaking views of the local skyline.
Concierge services are often available to penthouse residents. The usage of penthouses have spread throughout the world,
and they can be found in all the major cities of the Dominican Republic Their size, security, and luxury makes them a favorite
of the rich and famous.