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Choosing Music to Have Sex to While Visiting the Dominican Republic for Sex

Music is powerful, and depending on the tune you select, it can generate a strong sexual response. The most popular musical styles in the DR are bachata and merengue. Should you choose to incorporate music into your session when visiting the Dominican Republic for sex,
be sure to select songs which will provide a languid atmosphere which perfectly sets the stage for passion. Choosing the wrong music will not only make you seem tacky, but in the worst case can actually destroy the mood. Therefore, select music with care.
One benefit of playing music is that it can mask the sound of you having sex. Many buildings in the Caribbean have “thin walls” and some female escorts are vocal during the act, moaning loudly or even screaming. If you're a discreet and private person, this can
be irritating. Music can mask the sound of your lovemaking, and can even enhance it. You will want to avoid music that is overtly sexual in nature; as such music tends to be the worst for sex.
You will also want to pick music which has a constant tempo, roughly 15 clicks of 100 beats per minute. The music should also go on continuously, with one song merging into another. Silence between the end and beginning of another song is awkward, and
will fail to fully mask the sound of your lovemaking.